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ARAP Supports Training Programme to Ensure the Right to a Fair Trial
Published 31/07/2019
ARAP Supports Training Programme to Ensure the Right to a Fair Trial

This week ARAP is supporting the first in a series of training sessions on 'Disclosure Guidelines' for members of the Ghana Police Service (GPS).  Participants are among the 1,000 Police Prosecutors and Investigators that will receive the training until the end of this year.  The aim is to equip them with the knowledge to fulfill their disclosure obligations and effectively prosecute cases of corruption.

Recently developed Disclosure Guidelines are being used to support the training and intend to serve as a reference for the ongoing work of Prosecutors and Investigators.  A main objective is to help secure the accused parties' right and access to a fair trial - a fundamental foundation of the rule of law - and boost the principle of equality throughout the judicial process.  ARAP is helping to ensure all Prosecutors and Investigating Officers across Ghana understand their associated roles and responsibilities.

Issued by the Attorney General in January 2019, the Guidelines require Investigators and Prosecutors to work together to ensure disclosure is properly carried out in accordance with the 2018 ‘Disclosures and Case Management in Criminal Proceedings’ Practice Direction, as well as the June 2018 Republic v Eugene Baffoe-Bonnie & 4 Ors Supreme Court decision.  

ARAP supported a process between the GPS, the Office of the Attorney General and the Ministry of Justice to develop the Disclosure Guidelines following the Court decision, to help ensure its implementation within the justice system.  Working with the Prosecutors, Investigators are now required to record and retain relevant information obtained during an investigation, and disclose this material so the accused can properly prepare their defence for trial.

This week’s training programme, and all future such trainings, are based on practical exercises to ensure the Investigators and Prosecutors are ‘learning by doing’, and can apply their newly acquired knowledge as effectively as possible in their work.  They are not only deepening their communication and coordination skills and building their confidence in applying the Guidelines, but also working to protect an accused party’s fundamental right to a fair trial.

Funded by the European Union Delegation to Ghana, and implemented by FIIAPP, ARAP is supporting Ghana’s accountability, rule of law and anti-corruption efforts.  Working alongside key institutions within the justice sector is contributing to such significant mandate.

More photos from the training series can be accessed through our Flickr page.