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Judicial Service Launches Public Complaints Digital Tool
Published 04/12/2018
Judicial Service Launches Public Complaints Digital Tool

A digital tool for filing complaints relating to the Judicial Service was launched today, Tuesday 4 December, as part of Ghana’s 2018 Anti-Corruption Week celebrations.  Representatives from the Judiciary made a presentation on their Public Relations and Complaints Units (PRCUs), introducing the new way to increase their effectiveness and receive complaints from members of the public.

With the aim of improving the Judiciary’s accountability towards citizens, the Judicial Service partnered with ARAP to develop a digital App and a web-based tool to process complaints more efficiently.  This digital solution will enable citizens, as well as Court staff, to file and manage complaints concerning Judges and Magistrates of the Judiciary, and/or staff of the Judicial Service in a more transparent and effective way.  

Users can submit complaints directly from their phone or computer, and importantly, will be able to track them.  Similarly, Court staff will be able to monitor the processing of complaints by identifying bottlenecks and seeking efficient ways to overcome such challenges.

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), such as the App presented today, can be a powerful tool to ensure citizen voice reaches State institutions.  Through this tool the Judicial Service will be more open and inclusive, by enabling citizens to gain access to services that were previously out of reach. As stated by Her Ladyship Justice Angelina Domakyaareh during her presentation, “We take every complaint very very seriously.  No complaint is too small”.

Under the theme “Bringing the State Closer to Citizens: enhancing accountability through internal control mechanisms”, the event was attended by various anti-corruption stakeholders.

The Judiciary revealed the functionality of the new website and phone App, which was followed by a panel discussion with representatives from the Judicial Service’s PRCU, Ghana Police Service’s Police Professional Standards Bureau (PPSB), and the Ghana Anti-Corruption Coalition (GACC).  The question and answer session demonstrated how engaged stakeholders are in support of such ICT initiatives, as part of Ghana’s fight against corruption.

The technological innovation presented today is at the heart of ARAP’s strategy to support Ghana’s good governance and anti-corruption efforts through providing capacity building and technical assistance to key State institutions.  These are powerful tools that aim to help ensure accountability, professionalism and ethics, which also demonstrate the positive steps being taken in response to citizens needs and desire for a Ghana without corruption.

You can access more photos from this event through our Flickr page.