October: Summary of news
Published 11/11/2019
October: Summary of news

Here’s a selection of what has been happening:

A Focus Group at the EPA analysed the issues and needs for investigation and prosecution of environmental cases with their legal department

The Focus Group has analysed the issues and needs to input the design of the upcoming ARAP programme within the Environmental Protection Agency's legal department for investigation and prosecution of environmental cases. This upcoming programme to be developed in 2020 comprise a training, theoretical and practical, a mentoring-couching investigation and prosecution workflow and its review, and specific high-level training on noise pollution cases.

ARAP supported the Legal Aid Commission (LAC) to develop and print their Guide to improve Legal Aid Delivery.

At Kumasi, the Legal Aid Commission (LAC) staff met to review their Legal Aid Guide. The LAC is a public service organisation within the Justice delivery system of Ghana. Its objective is ensuring that constitutional democracy, the rule of law and access to justice extends to the poor and vulnerable who would otherwise be excluded from the formal justice delivery system.

Training Prosecutors on Disclosure Procedures and Anti-Corruption

At Sogakope, we held another successful training on "Disclosure Procedures and Anti-Corruption" for the Ghana Police Service and the Office of the Attorney General and Ministry of Justice to develop and validate Disclosure Guidelines.

General Police Service (GPS) received Social Media training

In order to ensure staff in the regions understand the Service social media policy and strategy, and more so to equip them to produce high-quality content for transmission to headquarters, the Ghana Police Service received training on Social Media capacity building and strategy formulation.

CHRAJ undertook  Zonal Capacity building workshops

ARAP supported the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice to undertake a number of zonal capacity building workshops for its staff involved in public education at the regional and district levels. Regional Directors, Regional Public Education Focal Persons, District Directors, and Additional Investigators.

Training Senior Police Officers on Communication with Communities

During the month of October, 203 Senior Police Officers participated in the workshop "Communicating with communities". The main objective was to build the capacity of Police Officers on how to use effective and ethical communication skills toward improved Police-public relations at Police Stations, Charge Offices, patrols, investigation, traffic duties as well as the daily day operations across the country.

The course is a major aspect of the Public Education and Communication Strategy developed for the Service under the auspices of the Public Affairs Directorate with support from ARAP.

The Judicial Service held its Strategic Plan Validation Workshop

The Judicial Service (JS), from 31 October to 1 November 2019, held the validation workshop on the Strategic Plan for the Judiciary and Judicial Service of Ghana (2020 – 2024). ARAP has been supporting the judiciary to achieve this strategy to provide a long-term plan to effectively deliver its mandate of “Equal Access to Quality Justice”.

The event was attended by Her Ladyship the Chief Justice, Ms Sophia A B Akuffo, the Judicial Secretary, Ms Cynthia Pamela Akotoaa Addo, ARAP representatives, relevant stakeholders from the various hierarchies of court, management and staff as well as external stakeholders from other Justice sector institutions, and Development Partners in Accra.

The Inspector-General of the General Police Service received the ARAP’s Team Leader

Mr James Oppong-Boanuh, the Inspector General of the General Police Service received Ms Ana Sanchez, ARAP’s Team Leader. During the meeting, ARAP presented the results of the just closing “Communication with Communities” programme and analysed with the IGP the future collaborations in different areas within the legal department, the communication department, the operational department and the technological(ICT) units.

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