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The Judicial Service held its Strategic Plan Validation Workshop
Published 31/10/2019
The Judicial Service held its Strategic Plan Validation Workshop

Accra, 31 October 2019 – The Judicial Service (JS), from 31 October to 1 November 2019, held the validation workshop on the Strategic Plan for the Judiciary and Judicial Service of Ghana (2020 – 2024). ARAP, an EU funded programme, implemented by the Spanish public foundation FIIAPP has been supporting the judiciary to achieve this strategy to provide a long-term plan to effectively deliver its mandate of “Equal Access to Quality Justice”.

The event was attended by Her Ladyship the Chief Justice, Ms Sophia A B Akuffo, the Judicial Secretary, Ms Cynthia Pamela Akotoaa Addo, ARAP representatives, relevant stakeholders from the various hierarchies of court, management and staff as well as external stakeholders from other Justice sector institutions, and Development Partners in Accra.

Opening the workshop, the Judicial Secretary, underscored that “there is constant pressure to be responsive to the justice needs of the citizens, to adopt computerized systems and bring more speed and efficiency to our work, to reform our processes and above all else, maintain our independence. Such expectations require that as a Service and as an arm of Government, we strategically position ourselves to meet these current demands”.

The ARAP representative, Mr Tuinese Amuzu, outlined the that “this process is an opportunity to examine where the Judiciary of Ghana and Judicial Service are; where both wish to be within a defined period of time and why there must be change, recalling what has been done during the subsistence of the current Strategic Plan, not least, the electronic wave of doing things and going digital with justice delivery”.

Participants exchanged views, reviewed progress made and provided their inputs on how to harmonize their respective work-plans in order to develop a comprehensive plan.

‘This Strategic Plan (2020-2024) thus affirms our efforts to provide quality, efficient and accessible Court services, continuously adopt the use of Information and Communication Technology, ensure continuous legal education, increase transparency and accountability for the use of public resources and to be a good community partner by increasing and adopting pro-poor and community outreach programmes” said Her Ladyship the Chief Justice, Ms Sophia A B Akuffo.

In his concluding remarks Her Ladyship the Chief Justice added that “this document will provide fresh impetus and guidance on how we must broaden, deepen and sustain transformation for the long-term. At the same time, it will retain a clear and present focus on the directive mandate that the Constitution provides for the Judiciary of Ghana” and she thanked the ARAP Programme for funding the workshop and the workshop participants for their fruitful deliberation.

The core functions of the Strategic Planning along with their objectives include: To enhance the judicial processes and procedures to improve access to quality justice delivery; develop both the Human and Material Capacity of the Judiciary and the Judicial Service of Ghana to deliver on its mandate; Optimize the use of Technology to ensure speedy resolution of cases and efficient services; and Enhance Public Understanding, Trust and Confidence through open and transparent engagement.

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